Fixed Coordination Wrt One’s Own Origin!



To prove the now revered Galilean Coordinate Transformation  procedure is mathematically invalid.


Given coincident Cartesian coordinate systems, A with point P at (2,0,0) and B with Point P’ at (2,0,0)...


Since selected point coordinations are fixed FOREVER with respect to their own system/origin;

then selected point P in A at (2,0,0) MUST = selected Point P’ in B at (2,0,0).


Likewise, the coordinates  of A, (x,y,z) MUST = the coordinates of B (x’,y’,z’)…

making the Galilean cornerstone equation B (x’,y’,z’) = A (x,y,z) -vt ,

(unless vt is 0), mathematically invalid.

Without their use of the Galilean’s corresponding x’ = x - vt, then Physics can neither derive nor conclude their results of time dilation nor length contraction.


Since  Fixed Coordination Wrt One’s Own Origin” IS Mathematically true,

then the Galilean process has no mathematical substantiation, as it violates this undeniable truth.


Indeed,  the Galilean procedure does transform this fixed coordination in their moving/moved system….which quite simply, is the spawn for the generation of this mathematical inequality;

x’ = x – vt...whereas, in truth, x’ = x is eternally fixed.



      Steve Waterman  June 6  copyright 2012