The hydrogen bomb uses the fusion process: as the name implies, hydrogen nuclei are fused together into heavier nuclei. At present, fusion is being attempted in California using   12 different lasers in a spherical chamber to induce fusion. If in fact, close packing is associated with a 14 vector format, it would be reasonable to attempt this process using 14 properly placed lasers in a spherical format. A 2-D correlation could be made with the circus daredevil who withstands an exploding circle of dynamite by placing the dynamite in a pattern that allows for equal inward pressure. Should this pattern be disturbed, then the effect of equality is lost. It could be that only using 12 lasers cannot produce the desired effect as the three dimension equality of force is also lost.
To make another analogy, it is like trying to put a 12 sided peg in a 14 sided hole.