1  The universe is physical space.

2  Mathematical space has no physical existence.


3  That which does not have any mass, does not exist in a physical sense. No "point particle" is without mass, it either exists and contains mass, or contains no mass and therefore does not exist.

4  The ONLY fundamental particle is solid, indestructible, uncompressable equal in all apsects, perfectly shaped, (unit) spheres.

5  Spheres have no intinsic charge. "Charge" derives from external field structures of sphere clusters.

6  Sphere clusters can be quantized with respect to the distance between innermost and outermost spheres. This manifests a natural gravitational component to the dynamics of each cluster. A unique value can also be equated to each cluster that would represent its particular inverse fine structure vslue, suggesting that the fine structure value is not a constant.

7   All mass is in constant motion. Energy is intrinsic to mass in motion. Where there is no mass, there is no energy.


8  All light has mass. A photon exhibits wavelengths according to those mass variances and its corresponding variant extermal surface shapes of differently quantized clusters of spheres.

9  A point source only exists as a mathematical concept and does not exist in a physical sense.

10  A true sphere cannot exhibit a wave pattern, nor show precession, nor possess any other physical abnormalities, either on the interior or the exterior.


11 Simultaneous time can be established at multiple locations.

12  A distinction must be made between outgoing signals and incoming signals.

13  Time passage cannot be affected by measurements from devices, nor by observer positions either at rest or not, nor by any occurrence, nor mass proximity, nor any other consideration such as incoming signal measurements.


14  If you consider one location to be at rest, then at that instant, all other locations must also be considered to be at rest.

Absolute Sequence

15  There is a determinable sequencing of historical outgoing signals that can be determined in a universal time setting. Relativity, on the other hand, not only cannot determine this proper order, but professes to conclude that no such thing even exists in Relativity. This 2d applet by Robert Schroll determines the exact transmission sites-and-times via an algorithm to manifest intersecting circles. The stationary system shows those results in the appropriate readout below the actual display.

16  There is a determinable incoming sequence for all observers once the initial establishment of the historical outgoing signal sequence has been mathematically determined.

Physical Constants

17  The fundamental physical constants should be related to pi/spheres.
Low integer or half-integer exponents of 2 x 3 x pi manifest all suggested constant values. One can step through my 100+ derivations manifested from just four mathematical constants. There are also over 1000 suggested equations using these derived values. The listing is in alphabetical order.