coincident coordinate systems...3 question quiz

1 is it mathematically acceptable,
to have a selected point in one coincident system and not both simultaneously?

yes no

given coincident systems Red with selected point P at (2,0,0) and selected point Q in Blue (2,0,0)

RELOCATION occurs when EITHER coincident system moves from mutual coincidence.

2 should the results of
the Blue coordinate system relocated/moved right 3 along x'
be the same results as if
Red system was instead relocated/moved left 3 along x
yes no

TRANSFORMATION has occurred when all SELECTED points in each system are inserted into the opposite system.

3 Given the above depiction, do these two selected point transformations between systems;
the Red system left 3 or the Blue system right 3...
share identical transformations outcomes?

if B right 3, then P in Red = (2,0,0) and Q in Blue = (-1,0,0)

if A left 3, then P in Red = (5,0,0) and Q in Blue = (2,0,0)
yes no

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