xkcd #505 "a bunch of rocks"
by Randall Munroe

this Physics related comic
acted as catalyst for this origin poem.

throwing rocks in a dark cave, man
by steve waterman 11/17/11

rocks are round
about the ground
all that sand

is taut to stand


for ones and a zero
yet no one is a hero
when grouped in a cluster
allows computers to lustre


then in a series of blinks
from pong, my mind sweeps, and thinks...
since sand can never count time
time is not light and i'm...
aware that computers cannot know
that time everywhere is now


that distances vast out in space
in no way can alter that pace
measured by meters, the sun to your eye
and only the physicists could ever imply


time is not constant, one tick of a clock
it all depends upon how fast you can walk
woldemar voigt showed einstein the way
to squish and squash light and cause time to delay
to shorten by walking as fast as one can
one math equation that supports the whole clan


move one system away from the other
just look close enough and you will discover
coordinates too move as their origin changes
einstein ignored this...said this rearranges
but they do not transform, those coordinates were assigned
to the system that they had, when both were once beneign