CCP Cubic Close Packing

Here is an example ccp cluster of spheres     and their convex hull interpretation

As with all ccp clusters, there are 3 different ways to build parallel rows of spheres.
here is three w10...all exactly the same cluster of 201 spheres as an example -
( left ) = ABC     ( center ) = ab     ( right ) = AB

foramtting of individual planes / plates / rows;
[ABC] = 1 x 1 triangles / hexes     [ab] = 1 x root 2 rectangles       [AB] = 1x1 squares

* Noting that the ab rows are NOT the vertical rows that the eyes notice, but rather rows starting at the top, and the parallel rows are to be seen as horizontal rows as is depicted in the above photo.

( click on titles above each picture below to link to the live 3d view )

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