xkcd #435 "purity"
by Randall Munroe

this Physics related comic
acted as catalyst for this origin poem.

apples and oranges are both orbs
by steve waterman 11/18/11

two plus two equals four
of this, mathematicians are quite sure
but just add in a physical entity

and physicists can now, no longer agree


two apples plus two apples ain't four
cause these apples ain't equal anymore
what if a physicist took off a bite

is their equation still possibly right


apples and oranges are the same
when math says both have no name
let each be an orb and that does adhere

to equal intervals, it would appear


drop an apple on your brain
that adds motion like a train
of thought, split it two

lightening strikes, both ends too


one observer in his universe alone
fails to see, like a dog, in a cone
two observeres are what al compares

more than that, he never dares


he calls events, the light from themselves
equates his now to when he sees their shells
by the see, surely, he says, his now is now

those shells ain't the event, but he believes it somehow


events are the changes that happen to mass
time is their passage, each moment must pass
space is the place where all things occur

light needs reflection, to enlighten, for sure